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A Spring Meditation Practice

Updated: Apr 12

Happy Easter to you!

I'm so pleased the Sun has stayed out for us so far this Easter weekend. It really does make a difference to my mood and I feel like I'm starting to recharge again after a long cold winter! Everything changes in springtime, I feel more colourful, the world is brighter and around even the dullest of street corners there are daffodils popping up seemingly just out of nothing!

Easter can be a busy time for all of us, maybe we have plans with family and friends, a special event to attend or your just trying to make the most of your time to relax. In aid of keeping you grounded and letting the good vibes flow, I've designed an Easter Meditation practice. Find a seated comfortable position, outside if you can, and let's begin.

Wherever it is that you've chosen to sit, start by closing your eyes and taking three breaths, inhaling through your nose deeply so you can feel all four corners of your stomach expanding and then exhale with a slow sigh.

Whilst allowing your breath to return to its normal rhythm, imagine sitting in a large garden, amongst a carpet of flowers. As you take a breath in, smell the crisp, clean air and the gentle fragrance of what surrounds you.

Begin to sense how this space feels. Feel the coolness of the earth coming up to meet you, with grass delicately laced with morning dew. Feel the sun's warmth gently kissing your skin whilst a soft breeze whispers around you. there anything capturing the attention of your ears? Can you hear the delicate song of birds sitting high in the treetops? Is there a rustling of leaves as the wind blows or the sweet laughter of children playing freely?

Imagine your spine gently transforming into the stem of a flower. Is it long and easily swayed by the breeze, like a tulip? Is it broad and steadfast, like a hyacinth? Where your spine connects with the ground, imagine your roots digging and stretching deeper and wider through each layer of earth.

At the same time, feel your petals begin to form as you're nourished by earth, water and sun, from the ground up. Sense them opening to welcome the rays of the sun, allowing your flowers to inject life into this space.

Take a moment to stretch taller to meet the sky and then spread your roots further to connect deeper within the earth. You are a part of this natural world, ever-growing and ever-changing.

Allow yourself to imagine time flowing on, each year your roots dig further and your stem grows stronger. Through each season you take your time, allowing yourself to rest when needed, grow when you feel called to and bring energy and light when it is time.

Continue to stay in this space for as long as you need. Letting all your senses explore freely and allowing mother nature to replenish you with good vibrations. When you feel ready, open your eyes, take a few deep cleansing breaths and hold onto this peaceful feeling as you journey through the rest of your day.

Thank you for taking part in today's practice!

I would love to hear from you about how it when for you, I'm always happy to receive feedback!

Love Em x

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