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Finding The Perfect Cosy for Autumn/Winter

I am a big fan of Autumn. It's well known amongst my friends that as soon as Autumn rolls around, I'm the one with the snuggly blankets enjoying a good book and sipping a cup of tea whilst watching the rain pour. Winter of course holds the magic of Christmas and I've always said that warming up in the cold is easier than cooling down in the heat.

Having a cosy home when the weather gets cooler really helps me to relax. I love the richer warmth of colours the season has to offer and the multiple layers of texture which come with that. One thing I love to see is the way other people style their homes for the different seasons. Personally, I love neutrals and decorations which enhance the objects around them but I also love getting to be creative and seeing the ways other people transform the atmosphere around them to invite the season in.

Each season brings with it different opportunity to decorate your house how you like it, so without anymore explanation, here are some things I've spotted around this year that I would love to see in my house:

Naturally dried flowers are the perfect addition to anyone's home. I like to use these on my hallway table to add some colour and I don't know, they just make me smile.

The great thing about dried flowers is that they can last forever if looked after properly. Once put back in their box you can use them every fall season to bring a bit of a different vibe to a space of your choosing.

P.S It's good to note that these shouldn't be eaten by anyone, they taste bad, trust me.

Here's some I've found online:,default,pd.html?cgid=D26M18G01C07

Candles! Candles are *chefs kiss*. We haven't put our heating on yet (thanks Tories) but I still like to have something out that reminds me of what it is to be warm like when I could afford to pay the bills.

Candles are a wonderful way to add a cozy warm feeling to any room. I have multiple in pretty much every room in our house. I particularly like the two in lanterns on our staircase which add a beautiful welcoming glow to our hallway which invites me in. Obviously you can get different scents too, spiced candles are my favorite, for me they add an atmosphere of clam and every time you smell it, it's like your baking a fresh batch of cinnamon cookies!

If you like spiced candles as much as me, you'll love this one from YR Candles on Etsy:

Blankets are a win win. The best way to style your home like they do in the magazines is to have blankets, they come in all shapes and sizes, have multiple colours and patterns and varying levels of warmth to offer. They can also come in handy for building forts!

Personally I love textured blankets, ones with bobbles, tassels or extra snuggly fluff. I find that if you do have a more neutral home, blankets are a great way to inject some personality and colour into your décor. I will always have blankets at the ready for a cosy Autumn day, so if you ever need a nap under a soft inviting blanket, I'm your gal!

One of my favorite places to find blankets is TK Maxx, have a look at this one I found recently:

Next up is fairy lights! I have an affinity for fairy lights and the magic glow they produce. They are so easy to install and can literally go anywhere. There is something about them which shuts out the cold and adds a beautiful warmth to every room they are hung in.

I definitely don't have as many as I would like to have but there always room for expansion! Some of the best places to put fairy lights are around pictures/mirrors, around the edges of a room and my personal favourite is to buy curtain lights and hang them alongside your curtains to shut out the cold and bring in the magic.

These curtain fairy lights from amazon are inexpensive and have plenty of settings on to suit your colour tastes! :

Lastly, pillows and cushions. Don't listen to your partner when they say you have enough, they are wrong and they know it. Pillows are comfortable, versatile and add character. You can use pillows to rest your head on, as a bed for the dog, a hat for the dog, an extra seat on the floor for the people who you don't like sitting on your sofa and as a device fit for screaming your many frustrations into.

The great thing about them really is that you don't have to buy new pillows every season, just buy the covers and reuse the same inside fluff bag bit! I have some lovely cushion covers for the different seasons which add so much to the feel of the season and they look cute doing it.

Look how pretty this one is from Cosycorner By Deborah:

Have a great time cosifying your home for the season and if you want to share how you style your home, tag me in instagram @ems_in_context


Em x

*Discolsure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through the link used in this post, this is at no additional cost to you.*

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