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Self-Care You can do for Free

Despite what we see on social media, self-care isn't just a luxury for those who are wealthy enough to spend £50 on a couple of bath bombs and a gold flecked face mask. Self-care is a necessity for anyone and everyone. No matter what your day looks like there is always time, even if small to look after yourself and it is possible to do it for free or using things you already have at your disposal!

Self-care is there for both your physical and mental wellbeing. It should be a part of your everyday routine. Self-care can look like brushing your teeth or combing your hair for the first time in a week. I can look different for everyone of varying mental health states and personalities.

Here's some free extra ideas to try for yourself below:

Going for a walk

  • Walking is great activity which can have any length of time

  • You can walk with friends and family but also on your own

  • Fresh air benefits you mentally and physically

  • It can help improve your blood pressure and heart rate

  • Walking helps strengthen your immune system

  • Being outside in nature can help you feel a sense of freedom and clear you mind

I have found that walking is one of the best things for me mentally, having a dog means that I am forced to walk twice a day everyday and it really helps me to get out of bed even on the days where I struggle the most.

Taking a nap

  • Napping can help you to relax

  • It helps to improve your memory

  • Recommended length to nap for is 20 - 30 minutes

  • Can seriously improve your mood

  • It can give you a much needed boost mentally

  • Can reduce levels of anxiety

I am terrible for beating myself up for having nap, I think I have it ingrained in my brain that if I nap I have wasted time. This isn't the case, when I'm tired it mean that, besides the fact that I need to sleep better at night, my body and mind needs a break and a recharge. I usually feel better about things once I've had a nap and its a way better option than just scrolling on my phone for 30 minutes.

Put on some music and dance

  • Music and dance is a great way to improve a low mood

  • Can lower stress levels

  • Good practice for when you go out with friend and can impress on the dance floor

  • Dancing is an fun way to exercise and increase your cardio vascular health

  • Listening to music helps to relieve symptoms of depression

  • Both are a good way of letting go

  • Dancing is an awesome way to improve your body image

Personally, Just Dance is one of the best things ever invented. Myself and my best friend have been playing this since the first one came out and it's been our go to when we want some time together. I have found that when I dance I feel sexy and am able to see the amazing things my body does for me, it helps me to feel good about myself and my over looks.


  • There are loads of free apps to use which offer meditations of all kinds

  • Meditation can help you regulate your breathing

  • It can improve sleep

  • Meditating can help to reduce pain symptoms

  • Reduces anxiety

  • This can help you become more mindful of your surroundings

Meditation is not something that many people think they can do. I think the assumption is that if your brain isn't quiet during meditation that you're not good at it or you're doing it wrong. It's something that takes practice and is super beneficial when you open your mind to it.

Having a Bath

  • Helps to relax your muscles

  • Provides a safe space away from others

  • The warmth can be very comforting

  • You can add different components to suit your needs

  • They can help you sleep better

  • Can help sooth colds and irritated skin

I absolutely LOVE baths. I know that technically you have to pay for the water but there's no outright payment from you direct pocket. Baths are something which sooth me mentally and I could spend hours laying in the bath reading or just soaking up the oils I like to put in.


  • Books are great distractions from heavy thoughts

  • Reading opens your mind to how other people see the world

  • Reading can aid sleep

  • Can be motivational

  • Helps to reduce stress levels

Reading is one of my escapes. It opens my imagination to so many possibilities and I love putting myself inside the books I read and seeing myself there with the characters. There are so many ways to get hold of books these days, whether it's free online or from a library!

Listening to podcasts

  • Learn about new things

  • Helps you to get informed about the world

  • Can make you laugh

  • Really brings stories to life

  • Covers a range of interesting topics

  • Can help you to figure out coping t

  • Helps to combat loneliness

I am always listening to a podcast whether it be true crime or one of my favourites such as Exactly with Florence Givens. I find them informative and they help me to feel a part of something even when I'm on my own. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts to get your hands on and they are all sat there for free!

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