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Why Life is SO much More than just How it Looks

In a world overloaded with images of the perfect, picturesque homes, outfits, lifestyles, make-up looks and goodness knows what else, it is SO important to remember that life isn't about how it looks from the outside. I'm just as guilty as everyone else for getting caught up with what my life looks like to everyone looking in, including myself.

I recently watched a video from a lady who shares recipes and cooking tips online. In her video, she explains that her kitchen looks pristine clean when she's filming and I can see in the background that it looks incredible. Her countertops are clear, the white marble glistens in the sunlight, and I don't think I could find a speck of dirt, even with a magnifying glass. She explains as she pans the camera around that all of the 'clutter' gets pushed to the other side of the kitchen island. Lo and behold, just out of her regular shot is a ton of items piled high, because out of sight, out of mind right?

Now I'm not about to cancel this wonderful woman because she doesn't want people to see the chaos of everyday life spread across her cooking area. But, it did get me thinking. How often do we allow judgements, our own or otherwise, to filter into our lives and take some of the joy out of the everyday?

We've all done the speed clean before someone shows up, shoving things in cupboards and praying that no one opens them thinking it's the downstairs loo, only to be buried under the mountain of 'bags for life' you've been hoarding for twenty years. It's okay, I know.

I came to the realisation that no one cares. No one cares that you haven't washed the dishes today, no one minds that the kitchen table is full of 'life stuff', no one stresses about how plumped up your sofa cushions are and no one obsesses over whether your house looks like something out of the Ideal Home magazine! If they do care, then they aren't someone who deserves your time. They are meant to be there to see you, not to make comments on whether you karate chop your cushions or not.

When it comes to dealing with your own judgements, I suggest you try asking yourself this question: How does my space make me feel?

Being mindful of the spaces you spend time in can help you to figure out what you need from them. Step into a space, close your eyes and take a deep breath, what kind of energy can you feel? Open your eyes and continue to breathe deeply, look around you. Take a moment to combine what you feel with what you see. Is it calming or overwhelming? Do you feel happy or low-spirited?

This mindful practice is a healthy way of becoming aware of what changes might be needed, it's a wonderful way of connecting with your space to make it work for you. Mindfulness can help us every day to strengthen our relationship with the world around us, we can start to FEEL more. If we keep allowing life to just happen to us, we can lose our sense of purpose, but by opening our minds, bodies and souls through mindfulness practices we invite inquisitive exploration and imagination back into our lives.

Breathe deep and follow your instinct,

Em x

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